Usually the pocket square needs very little attending to. But just like everything else, your Creative Corgis pocket square might need some tender love and care from time to time.

For a quick and effective refreshing, steam it and let it cool on a flat surface. You can also iron it with the lowest temperature on the iron and a thin towel between for extra security. Try to avoid ironing on the edges. Since they have hand-rolled hems and stitched by hand they might crease and fold when ironed directly on top with a lot of pressure. Again, once ironed, leave it to cool down for a few minutes. All fabrics are more prone to creases when warm and humid.

To get a stain on a favourite piece of clothing is always a bummer, but the key to successful removal is time! Tend to your stain as soon as possible since the longer it sits, the harder it will be to remove.

When looking dapper, one often adds a little perfume. A good tip is to put on your perfume before putting on your clothes and placing your square since the scent might stain on sensitive fabrics such as silk.
Wine stains are sometimes inevitable, but not hopeless to remove! First action is to dab a little carbonated water on the stain. Make sure not to be too rough, so hydrate on a towel and gently pat your stained square with it.
After a long week at the office or a late night of dancing, the best spa for both you and your pocket square is airing outdoors for a while.
Try to avoid handling your square with greasy fingers. If due to a few cocktails and a late night greasy snack, this is unmanageable and you end up with stains, do not fret! Baby wipes or makeup remover wipes can get you a long way in dissolving the grease.
Got chewing gum on your pocket square? Simply put your pocket square in the freezer and gently break off the chewing gum once it has stiffened. But please, if this happens to you, send us an e-mail and tell us your back story. It surely most be tremendous!

If you end up with stains you have no idea where they came from, put on a brave face and go to your trusted dry cleaner. It does not hurt if you flip a coin in a fountain on your way there. And if not even they can remove it, embrace it and consider it a part of life and a sign of good times. Fun and exciting days are sometimes a bit messy.