Doing our part

Fashion can be a hard and gruesome world, but we want to change that! The aim of Creative Corgis is to loosen up the seriousness of fashion and to have more fun, but also to show a softer and more compassionate side. Design and fashion can actually do good!

That is why we for each collection create one print that will be earmarked for a charitable cause. The chosen charity for the first collection was the Swedish non-profit foundation Regnbågsfonden. We wish to highlight their important work and share their vision of enabling all people to have the same basic rights irrespective of sexual orientation, identity or expression. 10% of the profit from each “Proud” pocket square will go directly to Regnbågsfonden.

The purpose of Regnbågsfonden, to financially assist LGBT people throughout the world, is something that Creative Corgis admire and support.

For our second collection we designed a pocket square filled with the fantastic animals of the Eastern African savannah. The chosen charity for this square is Friends of Maasai Mara. Their vision is a healthy ecosystem and a thriving local community in the Kenyan Maasai mara region. Friends of Maasai Mara have a mission to preserve a culture of respect for our wildlife heritage and to live sustainably with nature, something Creative Corgis fullheartedly support.

10% of the profit from each “Let’s go on safari” pocket square will go directly to Friends of Maasai Mara.