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How to fold them?

There are several different ways and fashions to place your pocket square in your blazer. It is all a matter of personal taste and style. However, there are a few historical ways to do it that could be fun to know.

We have gathered some instructions of the most famous ways to fold your pocket square.

How to hold them?

When storing your pocket squares always make sure that the fabrics is entirely dry before stowing it away, otherwise there is a risk of mold. For the same reason, do not store them in sealed plastic containers if you are not 100% sure they are dry.

You can organize your pocket square department by gently folding each one in half once or twice. If the space allows it you can also store them flat, unfolded, on top of each other. An inside tip when travelling is to fold your square, place it in the pocket and then together with the jacket in a garment bag. It will be both protected and easy to find!

For inside tips on how to care for your pocket square, click on to this page: